Everything Just Died
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2002-03-11 23:37:30 (UTC)


I'm happy at school. My friends flirt me. They only like
to tickles me. I was smile all day long. I don't know why I
kept smile all day it's not me. I normally not smile just
look like punk. I'm getting little better.
I think I'll change myself this spring because it'll be
warmer soon. Everyone complained that my friends don't like
what I'm wear. I only wear Dickies pants, different shirts
but I only hide it I normally wear skull with cross hoodie.
I'm sick of people that they trying to change me it like
they control me. Leave me alone I like what I'm wearing.
They only complained to me all the time. They told me
that I need a boyfriend. I have been single for 5 years
long. Screw them! Boys are stupid. I know what boys are.
I'm still VIRGIN I'm proud of it. Later