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2002-03-11 23:21:23 (UTC)

so the jason thing is over..

so the jason thing is over untill summer if at all. i
called him. i picked up the phone and dialed his number
and asked him to go cosmic bowling with me and my friends.
what do i know? well simply that he has absolutely no idea
who i am! i was crushed. so i fiure screw him and the
rest of the male population. well maybe not the rest of
them. just the jerks. so i went bowling and had a blast.
i got lots of glances by really hot guys, hung out with my
friends and just about screamed my head off. i got a new
nick-name in the process. i am now known as gutter-ball
george (george was a nick-name given to me by my brothers
at the age of 2).well i am goting nowe