lonley daze
2002-03-11 23:19:54 (UTC)

~my life, my story...except it's not about me*

yea, ok, i'll tell ya this is not going to be a
diary/journal about my life...it's going to be a
story...maybe eventually a book, who knows. But y am i
writing it in an on-line diary/journal? Because i
need...heck... want some feedback. I've always loved
writing, keeping stories or plots in my head, i've decied
to write another story down...and actually finish it this
time. And whats different this time around, is that i'm not
gonna be writing it down it Microsoft Word, but here. Well,
I'll be writing it here, then copying and pasting it to
Word. Well, enough about why i'm writing it...I'll tell ya
a bit about the story and the characters.

~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~

Why is it called Academy Life? Because you'll be reading
about the lives of 6 freshman at Bryant Academy. And just
to let you know, it's just a regular high school...except
that it's a boarding school in Shadow Falls, CT. (* I may
change Shadow Falls to something else)Why do they go to a
boarding school? I don't know...why do real parents send
their kids to boarding schools? Anyways, you'll be
following the lives of Ashlee, Kellie, Jillian-Mackenzie,
Todd, Tyler, and Landen. And these 6 characters are indeed
non-real people, but like any author, my characters do have
a bit of someone I know..or I could me baseing my character
on one of my friends, who knows...you won't, but I will!
lol j/k.

***** ***************************** *****


Ashlee "Ash" Freemen-age 14- She has shoulder-length brown
hair, and brown eyes & wears contacts. Height: 5ft 2in. DOB-
March 21, 1987.

Kellie "Kel" Jackson-age 14- She has long dirty-blond hair
and grey eyes. Height: 5ft 4in. DOB- Augest 5, 1987.

Jillian-Mackenzie McLean-age 14- She has short blond hair
and blue eyes. Height: 5ft. DOB- September 26, 1987.

Todd Ressler-age 15(he started school a year late)- He has
short dark brown hair (* if anyone has seen Josh Hartnett's
hair in the movies "O" and "40 Days & 40 Nights", that's
how Todd's hair looks)and has brown eyes. Height: 5ft 6in.
DOB- Febuary 27, 1986.

Tyler "Ty" Gillette-age 14- He has short spikey black hair
and brown eyes. Height: 5ft 9in. DOB- Demember 30, 1987.

Landen McDaniels-age 14- He has short spikey dirty-blond
hair and usually wears a hat, when outside of school and
blue eyes. Height: 5ft 7in. DOB- March 19, 1987.

*As a friend once said, "before you start writing, alywas
find out what a character looks like and their birthday."*

Well g2g,

~~~Sidenote: Somethings I may not be able to put on
here..or just not much detail. :o)

***Also, please, no one take any of this. Thanks!

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