*Bubbles and Ducks*
2002-03-11 23:16:59 (UTC)

Boys Boys Boys

God!! Does anyone realize how much space guys take up in
my diary?
~Wayne: He's a friend that I flirt with and on Saturday at
a party we were just doin the couple thing ya know sittin
together and all. But so we were playing Truth Or Dare and
so Wayne was dared to kiss m and everyone was egging us on
chanting "do it do it" over and over and it was just
getting more and more embarassing and uncomfortable so I
grabbed him and kissed him just to get it over with. Now
lemme say something. Wayne is not the best looking nor the
most popular but he's so I dunno funny and totally
unthreatening. So today I walk into math class and David D.
says that Wayne is thinking of asking me out and that David
wants him to. I on the other hand think it would ruin our
friendship. I like him and all, but I don't like Wayne like
~Anthony: the thing with Anthony is going nowhere and it's
killing me!! I like him so much!!
~Henry: Henry broke up with his girlfriend Brit-whats-her-
name. He said that it partly because of me and my friend
Elizabeth. So I'm thinking he kinda sorta likes me. So on
my friend's request I asked him out. He said since he JUST
got out of a relationship he doesn't want another so soon.
I think thats bullshit. Anyway Henry is so groovy! LoL I
love that word.
~Brett: I have nothing to say except he's almost as big of
a flirt as I am.

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