Kat's Amazingly Wonderful Diary
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2002-03-11 22:55:59 (UTC)

The Horrors Of High School Theatre

Dear Diary,
Well, after all that horrible waiting, I didn't get into
David and Lisa. But you know what, the fact that I didn't
get in really doesn't bother me as much as I thought it
would. The real issue is that there is this girl, Heather,
who I have known since I was 8, who always does better then
me in everything, and she got a call back. You don't know
terror until you've met this girl. She's beat me out for
parts all through middle school, and, last year, she stole
my best friend. Lily and I are still really close, but
ever since Heather and Lily started hanging out, I haven't
been with Lily nearly as much as I was last year. Well,
you know what, as much as she pisses me off, I'm going to
act like it doesn't bother me. I'll admit to you that it
does, but I'll make her think that I love her. "Kill them
with kindness" is what my Dad always told me. If I'm nice
to her, she won't want to show me up so much, and maybe
she'll finally get her own life. She's had mine for years,
maybe it's time for her to realize that my life isn't as
exciting as she would like it to be. Well...I don't have
much else to say besides that. That kind of ruined my
Alright, now I'm done.

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