Little Bird

Private Babbling
2002-03-11 22:36:45 (UTC)

All my Ex's don't live in TX!

So the court ordered ME to have the kids call Aron 3 times
a week until March 28th...if I follow the rules then his
lawyer has agreed that she will accept my terms of FULL
custody of the kid(s), they go with him all summer break
minus 2 weeks, every other Christmas and every other spring

I don't see why I have to foot the bill for the phone calls
when he hasn't said anything to them in anyway for about 2

Via the kids I've found out that he went back to live with
his ex g/f who is deaf and has 3 kids and they have a "new"
baby. hhmm, interesting! My lawyer told me that Aron's
mother dies recently too...she has needed a lung transplant
for the past 3-5 years so that's no big shocker.

I don't know who he thinks he is that he can not talk to
his daughter in 2 years and then just blurt out that he has
a new family. What an asshole...but then again, we are
divorced for a reason!

I only have a cell phone so it really sucks that I should
have to waste minutes and long distance on this SOB

I think he just went back to her to prove he wasn't damaged
goods. Good thing she's deaf....

He is a Fatherly type person just too bad he can't seem to
find the time to Father Amber! He is still so G/D bitter
about me leaving. It makes me a little sick to think about
him with that poor deaf girl. I know for a fact that he's
bitter cause he brings it up every time he's in court and
if he didn't care that we aren't together he A) would keep
his mouth shut and B) have no problems calling, writing,
whatever...maybe I will call him collect from a payphone
tonite at Happy Trails!

Oh, now the woman that made me total my car is suing me for
having no insurance but her insurance and lawyer people
think/know it was her fault...either way, now I have
to 'hire' my lawyer to drag this out in court for another
year while we all cry for the jury! What a ridiculous state
we live in!

I moved Comet to a barn in McHenry. I have 2 horses
now...maybe when it warms up you and I can ride together.

I may be going to FL the last week of March w/some friends.