my pathetic life
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2002-03-11 22:33:22 (UTC)

whats happenin

well today was pretty slow. well there's this concert in 2
weeks that im goin 2 and my friend thats comin with me
scared me today. she comes up to me and said "theres gona b
a surprise for u at emo fest, that ur gona REALLY like". i
like surprises but she told me this one has to do with this
guy scott that i think is hot but he has no idea who i am.
o well. well i found a new punk band for me to like. im
really picky about punk bands i like punk but not a lot of
different bands. well this cute guy i saw was wearin a
squad five o shirt so i decided to check em out. they're
good. well thats all i want 2 say lata.

well i havent left with u a quote in a while soo...
united, we stand divided, we fall united, we stand divided,
we fall
-squad five-o

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