El Diablo
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2002-03-11 21:35:09 (UTC)

when is this crappy semester going to end????

Dear Linda,

Thanks Linda…..for the advice. I have been trying to follow
it for the past couple of days. But I am sorry to say that
It did not do me any good. I am still feeling miserable.
Today’s day takes the cake. I had the most pathetic time
trying to even look up. Damn! Even though I said a lot of
things, I ended up saying nothing. But you are right. I
need to make up the courage to say the final word to her
and get my answers. My fear is that my questions may hurt
her and I don’t want to do that before she goes away from
me. But I will not be able to talk to her once she goes.
GOD, why do things have to be so difficult. No matter what
u or the rest say, I still love her because she is my
first, my last, my everything…….. I know you understand my
feelings because of the way Rob had treated you. Isent it
amazing……….. that time, I was giving you advice and now you
are giving me advice. But that’s what friends r 4 :-)

Well nothing much to say about college today…….. like I
said, it was pritty pathetic. Will keep you posted……

Bye 4 now

-El Diablo