Thoughts in the Confused
2001-05-11 09:00:16 (UTC)

it be me

Hey all i know I have becoem a little flaky on the entries,
ao i apologize. I have been trying to work on the xbox site
but i am not doing so well. I hope to get some stuff done
this weekend when we are going to the lake of the the

so i might not be posting this weekend, but who knows i will

Well, today, let me see. Got up went to lunch with my mom
and bro at Sports Page. It was pretty good, but we ordered
to much food. I could not finish my burger and that does
not happen that often. lol

I then went to Sam's Club with my mom and we shopepd around afor a
little bit. i got the new Stephen King Book "Dream Catcher"
It looks good and I heard it is good, I will try to start
that one sometime soon.

Otherwise came home a procrastinated looking for wordperfect
office 2002 and not working on the website. i can be such a
freak sometimes. I do not know why.

A came over and we hung out played some board games and
then watched Tenchi Forever and I thought it was pretty
good. I enjoyed it. I do not think that A was very

This week was the end of finals. That was onething I will
never miss for college. But friends are going out of town
for the summer and that sucks. So I will miss them but some
are staying in. I might give my friend Eric a call and see
if he wants to goto the lake. see ya

jdiary2001 (at) gmail (dot) com