lindsay ann

somewhere in between
2002-03-11 19:23:46 (UTC)

he's a sweet talkin' hmm

manhattan transfer song. joey was singing it today & it
was a strange coincidence with, well, my other life. my
two lives have been mixing together a lot lately. hmmm...

well i have all these random thoughts flowing through my that's what this is, in case you're wondering.

why do you have to be 16 to push a cart with an overhead
projector on it? i don't get weird little advisory things
like that...who actually looks @ it and says "oh man! i
better get someone else to push this cart for me! i'm too
young!"? riiiight. speaking of which, i'm almost old
enough to push carts. sweet. i guess i'm not gonna do
anything cuz i haven't been able to think of anything but i
reeeally don't want a surprise party or to make my parents
or someone plan something for me. so doing nothing seems
like a logical choice. uhh not.

quote of the day: "will the britney spears game be rumble-
pack compatible?" ahhh i love jeff. jeff paul, that is.
not jeff boyer. well maybe i will grow to love him as
marisa does, but we'll see. whoa, get out!

ahh and i love this song by john mayer called "no such
thing"...ahh the lyrics are really good so i'll put 'em on
here, even though you won't read them all. oh well. i'll
put them at the end.

hey uhh how come there are some manly guys @ our school? i
mean the oldest guys here are juniors, but some of them
look like they could be like 25!!! i guess i just say that
cuz i hang out with guys like eddie klein & joe & all the
other members of the munchkin club. but wowwwww.

ok i'll just put the first verse chorus on here cuz it
would be long...but it's a good song, so listen to it. i
guess i'm feeling the stress of people talking about
college & challenging myself & being told what my goals
are....but waaaaaait! they're not MY goals, are they?
grrroar. the 2nd verse is about people all being on the
same track...yeah and is that how i feel? yes. do i like
the fact that i'm expected to follow the flowchart of
life? no. ehh this is just my little explosion cuz people
are expecting me to head off to stanford right after high
school and start a fascinating career and all this poo...oh

"welcome to the real world,"
she said to me condescendingly
"take a seat, take your life,
plot it out in black and white"
well, i never lived the dreams of the prom kings
and the drama queens
i'd like to think the best of me
is still hiding up my sleeve

they love to tell you "stay inside the lines"
but something's better on the other side

i want to run through the halls of my high school
i want to scream at the top of my lungs
i just found out there's no such thing as the real world
just a lie you've got to rise above