Thoughts arrive like butterflies
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2002-03-11 19:09:12 (UTC)

11.03.02 to take a guess from which

Firstly, I didn't add enough images so... I add more, THEN
I hadn't done enough writing, THEN he said I had to do
three more pages of research...I can't take much more of
him!! I swear, if guns were *more legal* here, then I'd
kill him...because I HATE TECH!!!

I'm really ill now, and I haven't had much sleep and...I'm
really lightheaded and dizzy and sick! So I should be doing
my homework NOW then I can get sleep tonight,
know me, I'M STUPID!!

Ehhhhh, ah well, at least I can look forward to getting
homeone day and finding my CDs on the sofa, but I bet the
day I'm OFF school, they'll arrive. It' just not as much
fun getting something when you're there when it's
delivered! Umm...maybe