Cbay tales, blokes and my mates
2001-05-11 07:39:59 (UTC)

Whipping some butt...

I really do hate my family at times. I want to enter a
talent competition, and most parents would be right behind
their child and supporting them all the time, but not mine.
They constantly have to be the exception to the rule! My
mum doesn't even want me to enter it, and my sister won't
lend me a backing track I need for the audition tape. I was
going to give up, but then I thought why should I? My
future is what I make it, and if I give up now I'll never
become famous! So last nite my friend recorded me singing
some songs for the audition tape, and I think it went ok.
I'm just guna go behind my parents backs and enter. The
only problems I have then is getting to Torquay...
Does anyone else have parents like this? Ones who feel the
need to make your life a misery and put you down when you
try to do something? Maybe its just mine...
I'm beginning to really like Brendan, which isn't good when
I have a boyfriend. Maybe I should dump him, but we've only
been going out 2 weeks, so its probably a bit hasty. But if
I stay with him, isn't that stringing him along?!
You decide....


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