Silver web spun of a twisted imagination
2002-03-11 18:59:20 (UTC)

Leaving Me

Well, I suppose if I have this, I may as well use it, huh?
Well today Patrick decided he's not going to talk to me on
the phone anymore because he's afraid Tim will kill him or
something. That's pretty stupid. I don't think Tim would
hurt him or anything, just because he's a guy who might be
my friend (I'm honestly not sure if he is or not, he keeps
changing his mind I think, about whether or not he wants to
make the effort). Hmm. James (not the one I want to kill,
another one from gym class) is moving this summer, back to
California, San Clemente I believe. That sucks. James is
nice. Becky is moving this coming winter. Maryland or
somewhere. That REALLY blows. She's the first person I met
when I moved to Ben Moreell. We got lost together after we
got off the bus, and walked around for two hours before we
could find our houses (they all look the same). I'm going
to miss her. First Holly, then Catie, then Kayliegh, now
Patrick, James, and Becky. Joe already left me, kindof.