The Trials and Tribulations of Ronnie J.
2002-03-11 17:03:33 (UTC)

March 11, 2002

Its just those rainy days you spend a life time trying to
wash um away...... Days seem to get happy at one point but
sad at another....Chrisitne broke up with Son...Me im just
the lonely one...Pothead is in L.B.I, he has been there all
weekend and im kinda worrying about him...Ruben is taking
lukasz's spot in alot of things.. Its kinda funny because
he drives mopeds, wears red, and reminds us of Lukasz
alot.Chrisitne is starting to have a crush on him..This
weekend we smoked so much of wet too.. that everytime i get
trashed i want to call Lukasz, just to hear his voice. Then
Grace called him and started a whole convo with him.. i was
so sad i just wanted to ask him how he has been..Thing are
starting to flow in ways but get stuck in others.. People
dont like pothead because the way he acts and scrubs but i
like him...i love pothead but sometimes he could just get
on mine and christines nerves...But thats just the way he
is...Well hope to speak to you again soon...Bye