The lost little girl
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2002-03-11 16:03:10 (UTC)

" all i am now is a pile of broken glass"-me

so yeah...i had a little problem. i talked with everyone who
matters about this problem. and what do you know...it blows
up in my fuckin' face!!
i'm sitting here crying my fuckin' eyes out b'cuz this is
fuckin' retarded. i told her i loved him. she fully fuckin'
knew and what happens...yeah i guess i don't fuckin' matter
now do i? nope, didn't think so. god, it wouldn't hurt so
much if she wasn't like a goddamn sister to me. oh god oh
god oh god. what the hell is happening to me????
everything is just falling apart for me. i can't hold
anything in focus. i mean who the fuck would want me. no one
and you know why...cuz i'm jane i'm the tomboy who can kick
your ass if i wanted to. I'm the bad ass girl who keeps
everything inside. fuck this..i can't do this anymore...