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sick of all the sh*t
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2001-05-11 05:18:53 (UTC)

I think I'm in love

Okay I know I haven't written in awhile and to make a long
story short I am dating my boss seriously and we spend just
about every waking moment together...It's like we were
meant to be even though it sounds corny as hell...I think
he feels the same although he is more introverted than I
and doesn't really share many deep feelings unless he's had
a few cocktails...We have talked about moving in together
and I am scared...I care about him a lot but I can't bear
the thought of another failed relationship...When you care
this much there is also a lot to lose..I guess it's a risk
I'll have to take...on the shitty side I still hate doing
loans and Denis wants me to sell sell sell so on our
combined income we can get a house....Little does he know
there would have to be a ring on this finger first...He
already wants me to trade in my Cougar for a BMW and It
could be my main car..but I'm happy with my little car, and
don't get me wrong I would gladly trade it in for a Beemer
but not this soon into a relationship...Shit happens and
like I said I don't know if I can take it if this doesn't
work out, let alone if we have property involved! I'm
trying to go with the flow but I really hate working
together because I feel so self conscious...It's hard to
explain but as much as I like spending time with him I hate
working at the same place....I don't like having a boss as
a boyfriend!I just want him to be my boyfriend.period. Well
we ended up sleeping together about a week ago(a week or so
after we got together..tried to hold out longer out of fear
but couldn't)and a couple days ago we went out for a couple
glasses of Merlot and were tipsy when we got
home...needless to say we did the nasty and he asked me if
I loved him...I felt wierd but knew he wouldn't have said
it if he wasn't drunk..I told him I did and he wanted me to
say it like 3 times then he said he loved me...creeps me
out but in a good way...anyway I'll write later wjhen I get
a chance

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