My sexuality - 18 Rated
2002-03-11 14:02:26 (UTC)

Here we go again! Paying for chance of sexual ecstasy?

Okay I feel the need to get some things off my chest again
. My trip to Holland passed by without incident, as there
was no real opportunity to misbehave. However, my urges
have re-appeared again and fortunately/unfortunately and
opportunity has arisen (depends how you look at it and I'm
not too sure myself).

Periodically I surf the internet for the erotic and one
site that I visit periodically is for escorts. The
girls/women are very attractive and billed as intelligent
and sophisticated. I suspect that many are what would be
termed, in a social sense, as being 'middle-class'.
Anyhow, I've got the opportunity to stay overnight in a
hotel tomorrow so just to see what kind of response I got I
e-mailed a couple of the ladies direct. I got some nice
replies but only one of the two is available. After
thinking about things I decided that I would give this a
go. My motivation is that I've never had sex with someone
so beautiful and slim. Sarah seems the type of girl, she's
29, that most hot-blooded male would dream about. I don't
want to have to dream so I'm taking a risk and meeting her
at 11pm tomorrow night.

Fortunately for me I've booked into the most expensive
hotel in the area, which she recommended because they are
discreet, and this means that she won't have any problem
getting to my room. I'm hoping that some of my fantasies
are going to get realised and maybe after they have I'll be
able to say "Well I've done that". My fear is that I'll
either want to take it further and see if it can get any
better (presuming tomorrow is a success) or I'll become
addicted to it. The trouble is that the hotel is nearly
£200 (not paid by work because I could really travel on the
day if I got up early enough) and Sarah will be £250 for 2
hours. Any additional hours, and I hope there are several,
are £100 each. I'm also going to buy a bottle of champagne
because I believe that's what you do for this kind of
liaison and give Sarah some extra if things go well.

I have exchanged a few e-mails with Sarah and she has been
very reassuring. I was concerned that I'm maybe not what
she is used to (40-60 year old business gent) but more a
slightly young looking 34 who although I can wear a suit
I'm much more comfortable in jeans and a shirt. I kind of
expecting Sarah to have a certain class about her and I'm
concerned that I'll just seem like a nervous youth. There
are many escorts who won't even see guys younger that 40.

Fortunately/unfortunately I'm also free on the Wednesday
afternoon and I'm thinking of utilising that time too. I
found a male escort, all smooth, oiled and throbbing in his
pictures, but unfortunately he's not available. I'm going
to try tonight to fill the afternoon with some further sex
games. Probably male but not definitely. It's all about
variation and new experiences to me. At the very least I'm
hoping for some long stockinged legs, a friendly stunner
and at least one very horny partner this week.

I'll let you know how things go and more importantly how I
feel about it when I return. Feel free to ask me some
questions or make some constructive questions. Why do I
have these tendencies? I wonder if making love to
beautiful people will make me feel more beautiful and
loved? Any other ideas? Anyone else have fantasies they
can't suppress no matter how much they try? I'd like to
hear and maybe talk about them.