What's up now?
2002-03-11 13:53:19 (UTC)

okay so I'm back...

SO this weekend turned out to be pretty good....I think the
last time I wrote, i was just a little sad....tired of
traveling all day, and just really missed brian and was
just grumpy....I was just being a bitch okay, and I have
those sorry guys, but things are better....we
hung out a lot this weekend and last night we had a lot of
fun, being silly and stuff, just like old times....I guess
things havent been very fun lately, and I more
need to burden you all with my sap, so on to better
things!!! hehe :) SO anyways I'm back at school...I dont
really wanna be, but I am :) I just have to keep focused,
ONLY 5 days till I get to go back...Erika's having a kick
ass St. Patricks day party, I get to see Trish and Brian
again, and I dunno...It should be cool :) Yea! Okay so
enough of me! Love ya!