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2002-03-11 13:50:06 (UTC)

I want my bed...

I woke up at 6.45a.m. this morning. I practically had to
drag myself out of bed, just like every other morning. I
really hate waking up early in the morning, especially for
school. I have a lecture in the morning and a tutorial class
in the afternoon. My best friend and me take the train and a
bus to college. We would take the LRT (Light Rail Transit or
something?) then take a bus, which would drop us in front of
the school. Well, not exactly in front but at the side. Sort
of. Whatever. Anyway, it takes about 40 to 50 minutes to
reach college from the LRT station where we begin our
journey to college. The lecture was totally boring, as
usual. I don't really listen or pay attention to the
lecturer, anyway. It's not that I don't want to, I just
can't seem to get those words and sentences into my head. It
is as if my ears have this filter which blocks all the
important information from coming to my head. All I hear is
the jokes. Most of the time, I hear her yapping, but can't
seem to concentrate and listen. I think I have the
I-am-listening-but-I-don't-know-what-you're-saying disease.
After the 2-hour LONG and meaningless lecture, I can't wait
to leave the lecture hall. Believe it or not, my next class
is at 3p.m. And, the time was 10.00a.m. What are we supposed
to do for 5 hours? Sit around? Study? Yeah, right. So, we
took a bus to town and had lunch. Did you know it was
extremely HOT this afternoon? Boy, my skin was practically
burning as the sun's stinging rays touches my skin. Feels as
if I am in an oven, cooked alive. Maybe I am exaggerating.
Who cares? This is MY diary, and I could write whatever I
want to. :P Then we went to a shopping mall, bought mags,
walked till our legs sore then went back to college. I was
all tired and sleepy then. Tutor came in, gave tasks, we
finish, present, asked questions and went home. I want my
bed!!! Good night.

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