Thoughts to Share
2002-03-11 13:46:59 (UTC)

spring break, a shocker :-o

So really, the only thing shocking about my spring break
was this slight incident I had with our security system at
my house. Well...first of all I worked pretty much the
entire spring break. I was a bit disappointed b/c I wasn't
scheduled to work very much, but as it turned out I was
called in to work 2 out of the 3 days that I had off the
whole time I was home. But, it was good. I enjoyed
working and I love working with the people I work with.
Plus....well you know the paycheck is kinda nice. :-p So
on the 1 day off that I had....went to my grandma's and had
lunch and just spent some time with her. When I came home,
I went to turn off our alarm and it shocked me SO bad like,
3 or 4 times. Anyways...turns out I shorted out the
keypad. So then I spent one morning with an alarm company
getting a new system in our house. I'm told I can't come
home too often any longer b/c it gets too exspensive. :-p

I suppose I got to spend some quality time with my family.
That's good and bad, ha...but I miss them. :-p Got to see
1 of my brother's band concerts. Reminded me how awesome
he is...and how proud of him I am. He has an exceptional
talent and I'm just glad that he gets the chance to share
that with the world.

Didn't get much work done at all...well, school work that
is. Grr...but hey-what else is new.

Went out with my roommate for her 20-th birthday. :-)

Also spent time with Beth and Blake...always good to see
them. Never fails that I miss them so much.

Now....I'm back here in the creek...about the last place I
want to be right now. I'm just not in the mood for
school. :-p I already feel so stressed out and behind.
The pressure is relentless. But, I'm back with the CU
girls, and that always brings laughter and good times. :-)

OK--so it's time to start this whole class thing again.
This entry has been somewhat random and incomplete, but
it'll do for now.