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2002-03-11 13:16:01 (UTC)


Well it has been a long time since I have wriiten in this
Diary. I have a few things to say, I think the biggest one
is that I am madly in love with someone. He is wonderful,
but there is no such thing as an easy love in my life. I
have never had a easy parnter this one has to be the most
complex to date.

I had to hold my feelings for this person because of my
friends and his friends. You see I have dated one of his
friends. I was afraid that if anything was to happen I would
lose request or in turn he would lose a friend or friends.
There is some big issues here to deal with! Now I am keeping
it a secert that I am crazy about him and having no idea
that the feelings are the same in return, I was completely
surprised this past Saturday when he approached me first. It
felt so right! Ir felt so perfect I haven't felt this head
over heels for a long time since "cody". What am I or we
going to do now!!!

I will marry this guy I have personal moments thinking about
him! I want to tell the world how happy I am, but I can't
now I know that these secert affairs never work but I want
it to work because if the end result is happiness why should
I sacrific it?

Am I wrong?

Should this not happen?

Help me!

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