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2002-03-11 12:28:36 (UTC)


hanson isnt as bad as i always thought it was. i mean i
know theyre just a bunch of young boys singing songhs
thatey havent written but the way they sing songs and
the energy they have can be really catchy. i used to give
my friends so much shit about liking them but i guess
to a girl in year five any music with alot of energy is
gonna be really catchy- like niki webster or something. i
dont like niki at all though unlike hanson but she does
havce alot of energy. speaking of energy im almost
depleted. i dont know why and i have so much to do so i
really cant afford to be exhausted but there you go. i
think i might go to sleep really early tonight- oops to
late... ehheh. my friends really happy which is great. i
really hate seeing her sad. i lie so much about things
that oi dont need to lie about but telling her i told mum
just seememd to make her happier so i thought it
would be a good thing to do. sometimes i wish i had
someoine who would listen to me and give me advise
cos i LONG for attention but no-one ever really gives
mne undivided attention but then i guess you can only
ever give yourself that. i wonder if a husband or lover
would give you that but i wouldnt know whould i?
hehehe i think every=one should read the perks of
beinbg a wallflower instead of this bridget joneses
diary shit. dads clubs doing well and thats really good- i
might get my dad back if they start winning abit more. i
love my parents tso much and i wish i was alot closer
to them then i am now but oh well. i also wish i coyuld
have all of my fiiles back- i needed them so much. all
my stoiries and cd covers. i told myself that i shouldnt
lie to myself but i even do that sometimes. thats so sad.
im so steeped in lies that i have to lie to myself to make
me feel happy. i wonder if youve got mail is a good
movioe. i should so get it out and se it with her this
weekekdn that would be cool. i want my stuff and my file
back so bad. wills such a ick sometimes i hate hoim so
much. its not fair. i needed that stuff it was like therapy
and i dont have a phot of him anymore and i loved him
so much. we used to compare aussies tyo yamnkees
and he helped me with everything like when he moved
out and he helped me so much and i want him back
and i want his picture back and i want my storie back. i
woder how many times ive said i want in this entry oh
well. orld peace is such bullshit. everyone would hate it
and the rich would get richer and the poor would get
poorer and the world would collapse. bloody bill gates.
fat boy slim rocks- hes so random. so does ben folds
but i like ben folds five better. i wond3er what a good
song to write about would be. that maths tracher is
such a bitvch giving her a call to parents warning shit
four times in six weeks- thats good for her. homework
is so bullshit it should be abolished. wills idea is good
but seriously we pay them to teach us bnot to tell us
what to do in our spare time. when im a teacher i wont
set homework and we'll study the simpsons. therapy
would be nice but its to expensive.

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