Heaven Hell or Nothing?
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2002-03-11 10:56:04 (UTC)

Heaven Hell or Nothing?

I have a new theory on death as of today. It was quite
interesting how I came about it. I was talking to a new
friend online - that I met in IRC. Yeah, she lives here in
Houston and knows some people I used to work with. Any how,
the conversation drifted to death or the death of friends.
Quite ironic how that came about as well - long story. So,
I'm telling her that I don't fear death, just the 5 minutes
after it. Then I further went on a 'Douglas Adams' rant,
and to sum it all up, I said this: "I don't fear death,
it's the 5 minutes after your dead that I fear. The big
question answered, Heaven, hell or nothing? And even more,
I fear that Elvis will be there as my tour guide
saying, 'I'm a hunka hunka burnin' love for ya! " How's
that for a scary mental image? Him dancing there, all dead
and everything. Wow.. that's bad. Bad mind, bad mind!

Here's a random thought,

When in doubt, don't sweat it - the green guy will be back
any moment with the fries you ordered last year.