Marco Jacksonovic

Crazy What You Could've Had
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2002-03-11 10:53:00 (UTC)

Who's To Know...Whatever....

A wonderfully sober day today.

Finally got Heartbreakers out, though we were turned away
again - expect a review soon. And read a lot of newspapers.
And I mean a lot. Its transpires that as of today, exactly
6 months after September 11th, New York's skyline will be
lit by two 'twin tower-esque' beams. I very much agree, and
not just on the grounds of the beams, a little favourite of
mine, for those who know me that bit too well.

Tidied up a bit more, all this mess has come in from
somewhere, blown in on the wind these last couple of weeks,
and we can't do anything to stop it...

And then, as if to finish the day off like a dream, I
coupled Frank Sinatra with Grand Theft Auto. It worked like
a of those really odd ones, y'know.

WILT? Not Up To Me, Not Up To You - Stereophonics.