It smells like poop over here
2002-03-11 09:24:14 (UTC)

im back for the time being

hey, it's been some time, and it's about 4 am, so i
figured id let myself and you know what i've been up to. im
just finishing my spring break, it kinda sucked. but i got
to hang out with dave a lot, and laura of course. didn't do
much, just hung out. went out to eat...a lot. i just
learned to play "carousel" on bass, and im still attempting
to learn "damn it" on guitar. blink 182 is so played out,
but those songs are from when they were still punk.
not last saturday, but the saturday before that, i had
the worst match with rich. it started to go ok, but i told
him "duck the clothesline" but i didn't say anything after
that and after he ducked, he just stopped and yelled at
me "what are you doing?! you didn't tell me what to do!" i
know i fucked up, but he doesn't have to and shouldn't stop
in the middle of a match. after that i was pissed off,
upset and angry with rich and myself. rich carried me
through the match though, i was pretty pissed. then, of
course, we had a tag match against the herraticks. the zero
boys weren't there, so that's why i had another match. i
didn't make it up this weekend, i had to work and everyone
was goin to the strip club, so i had no ride back into town.
hopefully ill have better luck next weekend.
i keep gettin mixed signals n stuff from marta, and
it's confusing me. i have a feeling that if i would just
ask her out, she'd say yes. but she's going far away to
college next year, not just a stone's throw away like dave
@ state, but she's goin to like notre dame or st. mary's
(whereever that is) but she won't be around and coming home
for the weekend would be a bitch, so would me getting out
there. plus there's always the question, do we break up
when she leaves, or try and keep us together. always
difficult. i guess ill just leave this in her corner, she
knows how i feel, at least i think she does. i always tell
her she's hot and sexy n shit like that.
i think im done for now. im gonna try to update this
dealy more than once or twice a month. we'll see ya next
time. later.