Jules Beale

Musings of a Twisted Mind
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2002-03-11 08:15:43 (UTC)


Oh yes... I am the prosrastination queen. There's a great
quote out there that I take to heart. "Procrastination and
masterbation both feel good... until you realize that
you're fucking yourself." So so true. Lets see, this week
I've procrastinated on a lot of things. My contemporary
moral problems critical review was due Friday at 2pm... I
worked on it from Thursday at 5pm til Friday at 4am.
Whoops! Guess I shouldn't have procrastinated!! Now, some
other minor things: my cyber pet sites. I really need to
color my pets and send them out. This is really minor, but
people are emailing me asking where their pets are and its
getting a bit annoying lol.

Now, you're probably thinking that I'm majorly lame. And I
prolly am, but my cyber pet agencies help to keep my mind
off the real world. Its a nice detour from the crap around

An update on my last entry: My best friend has decided that
she would rather go to CA and screw off, then go to a
facility and get help. Now I know for sure... she will die
due to this disease. It may not be today, or tomorrow...
but in a couple years, she'll be gone. I'll miss her
terribly, but I've done all that I can do. If she reads
this... I hope you understand how I feel.

Anyways, you're all prolly bored by now. So I'll shut up
and go back to my everlasting procrastination.

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