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2001-05-11 03:57:25 (UTC)


This is something I wrote before I had an account on here
so I decided to put it here now...


"...Come visit me at work today..." my friend, Elisse,
told me over ICQ...

This was in response to me bitching about how everything
and everyone sux...I told her I would try and then we
talked about some other stuff that isn't really important.
So I started working on some work for a bullshit class that
manages to ask us what we want to do with our lives about
5943709837485 fucking times; re-worded EACH fucking
TIME...(It would have been easier if I took the class but I
opted for the booklet instead where we have to do all the
work in our spare time). So I revised my resume and saved
it on to a disk to take to school because my printer works
not...just great but whatever..when I realised that if I
was to visit her I would have to leave soon as her shift
ends in a couple hours (this is at about 8:15ish pm).

So I was walking up to her place of employment because I
don't own a vehicle of my own, and my discman is broken so
I have no music; I was kept entertained by the courus of a
few songs, over and over because that is the only part I of them was Garbage's "As Heaven is Wide;" when
I saw 3 cars drive by, all of which owned by persons of or
around the same age as me, all of which showing off the
apparent "power" of their vehicles...all I could think as
each one drove by was "asshole...asshole...asshole..." If I
had a car I would do the same thing...but until then...

Down the road I got to evaluating my current position:
going behind one of my best friend's backs to see another
of my best in the distance a loud screechy
whining noise made its way to my ears...I wondered what it
was; then as it slowed down it became apparent that a car
was in the middle of a burnout...smoke show if you
will..."asshole." So I was pondering my predicament and I
got to thinking, "Why am I afraid? I shouldn't have nothing
to hide...I am glad that she is worried about me and I
apreciate her concern but after that, why not let me live
on my own?" I guess that is sort of what she is doing
though...or at least she said. But even still, I hesitate
to tell her what I am really up to. I don't like that. I
tend to be weak when it comes to the opposite sex,
especially when they are crying...and I hate people getting
mad at me. Females are superior to males but I can't
explain that right now. Fucking penis.

Well anyways, by this time I almost at the convenience
store I planned to stop at before I see Elisse and the
smell of burning rubber was thick in the air..."asshole." I
get in the store and head towards the Sobe, grab a black
herbal iced tea and walked towards the hot dogs. Fuck,
there are none...and I was hungry too. I walked back over
to the Sobe section but this time I pick up a Go-Go;
dietary suppliment/energy drink...whatever, I buy the shit
and start drinking my Sobe...back on my way to see Her.

I walked in and she was helping customers so I started to
walk past but then she called me over...she was surprised
that I came to visit. "No one ever listens to me." she
said. I told her that in that case I won't come next time;
I know that isn't true. I'll at least try. We talked as she
worked; laughed at the early 90's. Damn, she is
far as looks go, she is perfect; bullshit there is no such
thing as perfection. Personality wise is another matter;
she is a slut. She is a good person but she has cheated on
every boyfriend she has. I don't know. About 10 minutes
later I had to leave. She wanted a kiss on the cheek, I
kissed her on the cheek. I left.

I decided to take a shortcut home through some path behind
a grocery store. As I headed toward it, stories I have
heard of people getting jumped behind there started echoing
through my head movie style. I hoped it wouldn't happen; I
would really hate to have to waste the rest of my Sobe on
some fuckin punk's head...that's good shit. Nothing
happened though. Too bad, I was willing to waste the rest
of my Sobe on some fuckin punk's head...that shit would
have been cool.

I don't know what Elisse's intention's are...the friend
who's back I was behind says she is just trying to use me
and would only end up hurting me. Elisse's intentions seem
well enough...then again I have a penis...fuck this shit,
how should I know?