Absinthe Inspired Ramblings...
2002-03-11 07:17:35 (UTC)

O Magnum Mysterium

NOTE: This was written on Friday Night (03-08-02) after our
second performance of Kiss Me Kate in which one of our
fellow actors was pulled from the play by administration
because of grades and a fellow actress sprained her ankle
while dancing in the show. It was actually written on
Saturday morning because it was 2am before I got home from
dinner at Rocky Cola's with the cast an crew. I couldn't
sleep so I wrote.

I want a guy who will make me mix tapes. Poetry is
beautiful, as long as it’s true and from the heart. I’m in
love with being in love. But how does one love another when
one does not love oneself? Boys are a mystery. O Magnum
Mysterium. I want a song written for me. Friends are
important, without them we don’t have much. There IS an
answer for everything. Confidants are great, when you find
one you can trust. “Love is a many splendored thing; love,
lift us up where we belong; all you need is love.” I want
to compose a musical. Singing is good for the soul. Dr.
Gaber : Hitler as Drama Kids : Jews. Always look before you
leap, always stretch before you dance. Make mistakes, but
learn from them. Freshmen make you young again. I want to
see my name in lights. Stars are amazing. “Dream a dream,
and see through angels eyes, a place where we can fly
away.” I want to fly away. “One day I’ll fly away, leave
all this to yesterday” I AM Lips. Bedrooms are a haven, not
a prison. One never really appreciates simple things until
they have to go without them. Music is my focus, my Zen.
One cannot say one is a “music lover” if one also says they
hate any certain type of music. Muppets are awesome. There
is nothing wrong with being a child of the 80’s. “It’s time
to say goodbye…”