lost and confused
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2002-03-11 06:23:25 (UTC)

girls..god..Spring Break!

Well, i met this girl named Kasey, she's really hot and
really cool, i love hanging out with her and just talking
to her. But, of course, nothing good comes w/out something
bad, at least to me, turns out she has/had a boyfriend and
they were really serious, until she met me, she was already
going to cut off the relationship w/ him but b4 doing that
she got involved w/ me so now i'm caught in the middle of
this, he thinks she's breaking up w/ him to get w/ me but
she's just breaking up w/ him 'cuz she's sick of him, well,
i've done nothing to influence her decision, but if you
asked him, i had everything to do w/ it, so i'm in constant
fear of my life now, he's wanted to kill me ever since,What
the Hell did I do! oh well, i'm kinda sympathetic for the
guy, he needs someone to blame, i guess i'll do.. well, now
thats all starting to settle down, and me and Kasey were
really getting close, i was even about to ask her if she
was ready to make it official, you know the whole bf gf
kinda thing, so i was praying about it, and i just couldn't
find any peace, so i'm gonna continue waiting, and praying
may be its just not the right thing for me right now, or
for her, she just came out of a 11mo relationship, yeah, i
think we should just wait a lil while.. now to spring
break, that was one hell of a tight week, manes, kasey,
ashely, jay, will, Genny, Chrissy, and some other yl peeps
loaded up in a couple of suburbans and went on a road trip,
we went to dallas, and rode the rails, and stayed in this
pimp church, and i lost $5 to Mervin, a homeless man
selling dead roses, it was cool tho, and the next day we
drove to houston where me, manes, and Jay all jumped into a
waterfall (it was like a public fountain) its about 40
degrees outside, i was going hypthermic, then we went to an
all area yl club in friendswood, then we went to Kema to
eat, at Joes CS, that was fun, then I was kidnapped, and
the rest of the group had to go on a scavanger hunt to find
me, and we ended up on a beach in galveston w/ a big bon
fire, and we ended up staying the night in tents on the
beach,cold, but fun, the next morning we drove to New
Braunsfels and rafted the guadalupe, i had ashley, linz,
tia, and Kasey in my raft, none of them had any idea what
the hell they were doing, but we made the trip, and all got
off the boat dry (mostly dry anyways) we then went on up to
san antonio and saw an imax movie, it was cool, but we were
all so tired everyone fell asleep, then we hung out at the
mall, and went on a scavanger hunt along the river walk, we
then went to the house of the SA area director and
stayed the night, and we returned home wed. morning, i
spent the rest of the week working, and w/ manes, fri. tia
and tia came over to watch movies w/ us and i stabbed manes
in the back of the throat, it was cool, and bloody, that
was about it, SB will be over in about 6 hours!