the life of me
2002-03-11 06:04:52 (UTC)

a normal day (march 10, 2002)

today was a normal day. i hate those. they're so boring.
let's see... what'd i do??? i woke up... but layed in my
bed for like an hour!!! lol. then i got up just to put
Pearl Harbor (one of my all time favorite movies!!!) into
the vcr and press play! hehehe.... so that took up 3 1/2
hours of my day. so at about noon i went downstairs
(finally) to eat lunch, then i went outside... washed my
car, then back inside to clean. so yea, i told you normal
days were boring. the phone didn't ring ONCE! grrr... i
thought maybe russ would call if he got bored enough... or
at least kristen. but nope. oh well! hehehe! ok, that's
enough of my boredom for today! school starts up tomorrow
and i get to see domi *joyous giggles* :) hehehe. i know,
i'm insane. ok so until tomorrow. i'm out! *~*pEaCe*~*