Special K Land
2002-03-11 05:11:56 (UTC)

Problems with other diaries.

I have one on TOD(teen open diary). Don't go looking for
it, it's private. I don't want it to be, but it is. See
people at my school were logging onto it cause these other
girls at school have diaries too. So they'd read those
ones and then look at mine. I don't want them to see
mine. But I want feed back on questions and problems I
have. I love the answers I get there. I can't make
another one cause TOD is making new users pay.

So anyway, the rest of my life has been kinda blah.
Someone finally said they were my friend. Thursday,
history class, the guy I let borrow my pencil: He is my
friend. He said he was my friend.
Ok, sure I've got people I...well I don't really hang out
with anyone. There is S, but there is something about her
I can't stand. Then there's D, can barely stand her at
all. Beggers can't be choosers, well I am with my
friends. Friends are important, especially in high
school. You have to have atleast one person who you can
talk to.
Who am I kinding? I have no friends. I got the guy in
history class who I let borrow my pencil, that thinks I'm
nice, who I've only said about 8 words to.
Oh, I also have a field trip and french fair this week.
*sigh* I hate going places, it's the same thing
everywhere. Hang around someone I don't really like, but
they let me hang around them so I do. Then they ditch me
and I'm all alone for the rest of this thing in a gigantic
room full of people. So I'm stuck with the teacher on the
bus ride back to school. .fun.
It's the same at school, I sit alone. Even if I'm at a
table full of people, I'm alone. Oh, I'm 16, these are
the best years of my life. I should be having fun,
talking to people, play sports. I don't know what's wrong
with me, I'm just not that.