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2002-03-11 02:06:02 (UTC)

Pizza deliver and drugs - rumours make danger

Sunday night in outside street of my home town. Some pizza
deliver in a motorcycle blamed to my friend Mel. And left
a pizza in some house near from Park. Came back and tried
to fight with her. Talked things nothing important. Called
her by names. Some coward people. I guess some people
enemies in my home town talked some lies. Rumours that
created or waked up some envy feelings in that pizza deliver
motorcycle. I was in front of that tough. Told me do not be
a edge of her just because she is beautiful. I only was
thinking I could break that stick with a single punch.
Motorcycle deliver was blaming with a stick in hand.
Lucky unfortunate people. If I fought him he would last
more time. Single thirty seconds to Mel tough boyfriend and
pals come. More one minute to three motorcycle hard gun cops
to come. More one minute to Mel cousin to come. If I beated
that tough people he would receive a wave of hard crush.
Her boyfriend those three battle motorcycle cops and her
cousin. All those people could hit and blow away that
unfortunate people. He would be wasted in asfalt.
Well I was only waiting for what he would do. He only ask
me what I was laughing at him. He noticed that I was not
smiling neither blink an eye. I was only waiting for if I
could break that stick in his hands. He put the stick down
and went away. I take the stick and break with a punch to
show it was not a weapon in his hands.
I went to house of a girl who asked for pizza. She did not
tell me anything about pizza deliver. I guess she knew about
that event and was beside that loser than me. I went to each
door of buildings of street to ask about rumours that lost
motocycle deliver heard and used to make that atack.
Every employee of buildings denied access to administrator.
I contact some administrator by telephone and told her if
the victm of that motocycle deliver was her daughter. And
things would happen even I was not there. People acts if I
was there or not.
I hope things are not necessary tomorrow. But to proccess
some pizza hut and some motorcycle deliver are good for
ego. Better than blow away some loser that tried to harash
better friends. Some coward I guess he lost hope of make
buzz when noticed my eyes does blink and I was not smiling.
I was just only waiting to break that stick.
Tomorrow somethings will change about workers of buildings
making rumours about neighbours.
Revenge of an Angel.