Mysterious Attitude
2001-05-11 03:13:34 (UTC)

Thursday May 10, 2001

10:00 pm

Today my uncle got me out of school at 2 cuz he had to do
sum stuff and he wouldn't be able to pick me up.. So I had
to go with him and my gram to the doctor office and wait
for him... And ohh yeah I wrote that poem for John... I let
him read it and he said it was beautiful so yay!!! And
Kelly is tellin me how he is carrin his pic with him.. and
how he is showin everyone... and that this one gurl asked
him out but he said he had sumone already.. and he was
talkin bout me... I'm bout to cry.. I mean I knew he liked
me but not that much.. I mean why does he gotta live so far?
¿ I wanna be with him so bad.. and yet I can't really be
cuz he is so soo far away :( :( I hope I get to go to Cail
soon to see him.... I'm goin to pray everynight until I do
get to see him... and when I did go down there I could see
Kelly 2... Wish me luck... I really need it... good lawd
I'm crying... I just hope that that gurl who asked him out
takes him away from me... I just hope she don't... I don't
know what to do..I like John and I still have some feelings
for Lou... but if I had to choose I would have to pick
John... Well anyway.. I think I better stop talkin bout
John cuz I'm like cryin my eyez out over here... :( :( I
called Brain today and talked to him for a few minutes.. my
mom even talked to him.. she was like he sounds cute... lol
I was like u aint lyin... he was supposed to page me back
but he didn't :( Ohh well... I'll give him a call
tomorrow... and guess what!! Tomorrow at school is a dress
up day and who ever is best dressed gets 10 dollars.. So
I'm goin to wear my nicest outfit I have.. well thats bout
all.. 4 now.. So I'll talk to u later bye bye 4 now