Angels Tear Drops
2002-03-11 04:40:34 (UTC)

Just an Ordinary Day

Well I guess I shall tell you about my boring Sunday! *LOL*
Well, I woke up about nine am, in the recliner which I
sleep in because I had surgery on my foot. I then noticed
that my fiancee was up also (he slept on the couch) and we
found something to watch on TV which was some lifetime
movie about a boy that abuses his mom. Then my dad woke up
and came in and turned the TV to "Whose line is it anyway?"
and we laughed at it. Then my mom started cooking a roast
which took about 3 or 4 hours :( But while that was
cooking, my bf and I went outside and enjoyed the beautiful
weather. He washed my car for me, and we sat on the tail
gate of his truck and talked for a while with the Radio
going. We came back inside, then he took me to a local gas
station to get a drink and a bag of chips. We came back
here, went back to my room to watch TV and watched some
lame movie i cant remember the name of it :( Anywho, then I
started on my home work which is due tomorrow and then at 8
or 9 cant remember what time, but my bf left to go home :(
we kissed goodnight and talked for a minute, then he went
home. I finished up my homework with the help of my mom
(luv ya mommy!) then I went into the living room with her
and watched Neverending Story II which she never seen
before and now here I am online! Such a boring day huh?
Thought so! Bye bye for now!


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