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2002-03-11 04:26:26 (UTC)

So lately...

So lately I've been thinking maybe it's a good thing things
w/ me n Jasko didnt work out(Andrew J.) I I am
hearing all these incredibly bad things about him...and
just stuff like that, and I am kinda glad I was saved from
that. In other news, Ricky is THERE again. You know, in
that part of my brain where I sometimes allow him to wander
to,.....where I like to think of how cute he is and sweet
he can be, and what a cool boyfriend he might make(he is my
ex bf from the summer that still ::hearts:: me mucho much).
Umm...but Joe said before that he may not be able to still
be my friend or see me the same way if I did, maybe that
will change in like 6months, we'll see. Cuz...whenever I
finally DO kinda start to let Ricky back's like I
want him out again. It's very odd. But I do realize he is
better looking than Jasko. See for yourself in this pic on
the page:

Ricky is the one all the way to the right, and Andrew is
next to him(bad pic of Andrew tho).

I finished all my history and drivers ed hw, n i am kinda
doing my geometry right now. I was thinking, in ways I do
want a boyfriend, but in a way i don't. it's like.....he's
gotta be *special*.



oi oi....ahh whyd i say oi oi?!?!!?