Confessions of a Broken Heart
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2002-03-11 03:25:56 (UTC)

Brighter Days Ahead

Well, all of the scandal and seriousness has passed.
Here's the story in a nutshell: The guy who bought the
beer was kicked off the team, the guy who got the limo was
fined $100, and everyone who drank that was underage was
also fined $100. No one was taken before the Punishment
Board or anything like that. It was a totall internal
affair in the quiz bowl. Also, the circle of friends has
been restored; me, two other guys who drank on the team,
and the advisor are all back on friendly terms. Everything
is back to how it was before So, we dodged a bullet.
With the clouds behind us, brighter days are ahead.
This weekend, I'll be going to see Jars of Clay in
concert. I just got the tickets in the mail today and it
will be awesome.
Well, more shall come as soon as I get another one of
those "My Diary" reminders.