1 day in a life as it dies
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2002-03-11 03:07:58 (UTC)


OK my day sucked, first I didnt sleep at all last night
then I had to go shoping with my grandmom which is NOT FUN
then I get home and get yelled at by my mom becuase I didnt
clean and she wouldnt give me a chance to tell her I wasnt
even here to fucking clean, then she makes me go shoping
with her. GOD I HATE SHOPPING SO MUCH, I worked more on my
jeep and got most of the radio in, then I came in and got
on AIM and talked to my friend Rosie only to find out that
she was raped by her bf and she will not do anything about
it but I talked her into calling the cops tomorrow so I
will see how things go.