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2002-03-11 02:52:34 (UTC)

Visions Of a False Reality (Krista)

I’ve got these visions running through my mind
Of the way things should’ve went our way
We we’re the best of friends
That’s how it still is to this day

I see an image inside my mind
Where all your tears have stopped falling
Your heart doesn’t ache anymore
And I see you laughing and smiling

It’s a vision that I see of us
And in it nothing went wrong
It’s a vision of pure love and friendship
One in which you stayed were you belonged

It’s a dream that plays over and over
A prayer that’s prayed every night
A wish I know can’t come true
Cause it’s a reality too far from sight

A vision where we can just be friends
And have all our worries taken away
Where everyone can get along
And we wont have to wait for your 18th Birthday

I hear you calling out to me
But I’m actually by your side
We don’t have to worry about who sees us
Because it’s something we don’t have to hide

I see these visions
Wishing they could be true
But there of a false reality
Leaving us with nothing we can do