a rop through my mind....
2002-03-11 02:43:55 (UTC)


yeah.........don't have a computer till later this week,
have bump and cut on shin from slipping when i got out of
the hot tub at dan's party last night....skiing on friday
was yucky (but gabe was there :) ).........all in all, it
was just another weekend....they come and go, but next one
i'll be home for :):) yeah i'm ready for spring break!!

Rally is over! the devils (juniors) won and the 'shoes (that's my
class) smashed the can record with 33,747 (the old record set by our
big sisters last year was 25,964)!!! so congrats devils on your win
and congrats shoes on the effort! (next year actually practicing the
skit would be a good idea....line learning helps) well, that's all
for now i think, yes i miss my computer terrably and have to go 2
weeks w/o the boy *sigh* i'll live