Excess Mental Energy
2002-03-11 02:30:01 (UTC)

End of weekend...

Well, today almost made up for yesterday... Sean, Branden,
Jon and I went out to Casa di Pizza for lunch and then
went to Crazy Eights to shoot pool for a while. We tried
to call a couple of people (Beth, Zerpa, etc) to come with
us but nobody could. Sean and Branden were basically
pointing out and setting up all of the shots, while Jon
and I missed quite a few of them. (I did, however, drop
one ball using the bridge after Branden explained to me
what it was for... maybe I'm innately talented.) It was
thoroughly fun, and I would not be averse to doing it
again. (*files away idea for later reference*) I wore my
red confusing pants, which apparently confused Sean to a
more extensive degree than usual, as we were having a few
minor navigational issues.

Six trees fell down in my yard last night. I guess it's a
good thing we didn't go out. It's kind of scary walking
into my driveway and seeing all these pine trees just sort
of keeled over, roots in the air, inches from the
garage... Some of them came really close to hitting the
side of the house, which we were lucky to avoid, as it's
kind of cold and holes in a house are never good.

I'm really thoroughly devoid of deep thoughts... I haven't
had much time to think in the past few days, I've been
running around trying to arrange outings lol. Don't worry,
the thoughts will come back with time...