my pathetic life
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2002-03-11 02:11:22 (UTC)

sundays suck

today i sat around with my friends who slept over last nite
and we watched tv. for about an hour we watched trading
spaces and invader zim. all in all a ok morning. after they
left my parents decided they wanted to have a "talk". being
the flaming bitch that i am i didnt want 2 so i didnt. they
were saying shit about a cerfew that im suposed to pay
attention to. i walked away, if i go out im not comin home
till its over. they can bitch all they want. well i
finished out the rest of the afternoon, trying to find some
decent tv to watch. being a sunday afternoon, there was
jack shit on. my mother decided to come up stairs to tell
me to go 2 church and that she was going out. go to chruch
my ass. what kinda of prick does she think i am. ya so i
watched tv till my mother got home. i didnt feel like
talking 2 the parentals so i didnt eat dinner to nite. so
rite now im, guess what, watching tv!! rnt i just soo
exciting? well lata

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