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2002-03-11 01:11:00 (UTC)

and an angel will come with burning eyes like stars.

if only tonight we could sleep in a bed of flowers.


spring break is coming. and i still am not sure exactly
what im doing during it. or when im working. or anything.
this should be interesting...
people are coming back. and im happy about that.
i love emily so much. she was so cute today and the other
day. recently. very cute. shes amazing.
bitch and animal is tomorrow. i wish she was here.

im coming to find you if it takes me all night.

i should clean. im lazy.

i should write my papers. im really lazy.

i love the cure.

it goes deep
it goes deeper still

(7:11:39 PM): you're beautiful
(7:11:49 PM): and i love you
(7:11:54 PM): like nothing else


i miss riding around with sergio and listening to the cure
or vnv nation or my butterfly tapping the vein song. super
walmart in the middle of the night. no purpose or reason.
every single night. disecting ourselves and the people that
we knew, or didnt even know. our connection is one that
will never go away. we fill each others missing parts in
and match up in the similar ones. hes a great guy. even
with all the changes both of us have gone through since he
moved away. =) and i do miss him.

my dad saw my sister today.
i havent seen her in a long time.

yes. tonight i think is a weird night for me. i cant even
speak like i usually do. and im sorry.

"run away to chicago"
you read my mind hun.

i really just want to get in my car and drive and not stop.
drive till i run out of gas. then walk. just get away. i
dont know how much longer i can do all of this. its a
cycle. and my head is spinning from it all.

(7:26:14 PM): 'cept i drink coke now get it right sugar and
cream girl
idontavertmyeyes (7:26:23 PM): ooooooops
(7:26:26 PM): lol
idontavertmyeyes (7:26:27 PM): yup yup youre right hehe
idontavertmyeyes (7:26:28 PM): =)
idontavertmyeyes (7:27:06 PM): shut up. im still as
hardcore. the sugar and cream is just a front.

it goes dark.
it goes darker still.

a night like this
a night
like this

for always and ever is always for you

i want to change it all.
i want to change it all.

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