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2002-03-11 01:04:50 (UTC)

I'm so sheltered!!!

Finally, it feels my life is falling in to place...but then
I look at the mirror and watch it tumble to the ground.

I just found out today that it's definite -- I'm going to
Germany for two weeks in August to be an exchange student,
and in April -- less than a month -- a German girl is
staying with me for two weeks. I mean, how awesome is
that??? I've seen pictures of their houses, and the area of
Berlin where they live, and it makes me realize how
sheltered I really am. I can't even fathom living in an
area that, less than fifty years ago was known to be a
place of cruelty, and was hated for that. I can't even
begin to understand living life in a place other than the
US, let alone New York. It's truly amazing to me how
different other places are. The farthest I've even been
from home was Canada. I stayed in Jasper for a week, and I
still reminisce about the beauty there -- and that was 4
1/2 years ago. Crazy.

I was at a sweet 16 party last night, and met up with
Michael, Joey, Jonathon and Hailey. It was awesome. Plus, I
met this guy Hallie who had -- I swear -- the nicest ass
I've ever seen.

But back to me and my friends. I was so happy to see them!
I hadn't seen them since Laura's last party, which was
about 8mo ago. And every time I see Michael, he just gets
taller and taller. I'm 5'1" at most, and he's maybe 6'2"?
It was freaky to walk around with him, so I mostly hung out
with Jonathon.

Sidenote: I got called a slut again.....gee, how many
people have called me that? Call me a bitch, whatever, I
don't care. Just don't call me a slut, cuz thats the only
thing that ever hurts. To anyone reading this that knows
me: I'm not the senior guys' slut, I'm not the sophomore
pass-around girl, I'm not doing sloppy seconds. I'm just
being me, and having fun, and living life.

Yeah, so anyway. The minute I saw Jon, we got right back
into our lil philosophical mode from last year. He's
writing songs now, and he's gonna write a song about
something that I just randomly said:

"The five of us are just the proverbial toad trying to be a
frog. And we just sit on the bad lillypads, watching the
frogs get the better lillypads and the better flys, in the
lake of life."

Freaky, considering most of our conversations discussed if
you can get high using a fake leaf...and what material is
used on those things, anyway? And whether or not, through
massive breeding control, can you make a green horse? Also,
which version of "Diamonds And Rust" is better -- Joan
Baez' or Judas Priest's? My vote lies with the original,
but it usually does. Also, why is it acceptable for a guy
to like watching two girls make out, but if a girl likes
two guys making out, then it's considered rude, and

Yeah, well, back to my speech. I'm going to be Arthur
Schomburg. Woo-hoo. No, not really.

Song: Led Zep "Stairway To Heaven"
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