No Matter How Hard I Try...
2002-03-11 00:41:12 (UTC)


yes, parents do suck. But, unfortunitly I only have one
parent so the other cant protect me. My mom flipped out
today. I went with her to pick out bunk beds for my sisters
and they were home painting their bedroom. When we got
home, she saw the room and flipped out cuz it was awful.
the paint wasnt even and was all over the ceilings. That
was around 3. It's now 7:37 and she blamed me for it all.
So, I cleaned the pain off the kitchen cupboards and floor.
Then I cleaned the whole kitchen, living room, and computer
desk. So, needless to say she finally left me alone and let
me get on the computer after I mouthed off for 20 minutes.
She is at the store getting wine. Usual.
Yeah I decided I'm sick of waiting around for this one guy
to decide if he wants to be with me or not. It's about
time, I've been waiting sience last October.

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