Jan's Life
2002-03-11 00:38:49 (UTC)

~*~ WHY, WHY, WHY! ~*~

Why is it me that always gets hurt? Am I too soft to hurt
anyone? I'm sick of it!! And yes if u can't tell yet.. me
and luke broke up... We went out for 1 1/2 months and he
decided we weren't right for each other. He said we don't
talk enough but how is that possible if he's always gone
for basketball! Maybe it is the right thing to do tho? I
just feel like I did when Tyler broke up with me.. lost and
like I'm no one with out him. I have so many questions
tho... and I'm afraid to ask. I just want to start all
over... because now that I think about it we were never
really friends... we just tried making somehting out of
nothing. But there are some HS's after me already so I
don't think HS will be all that bad. I hope tyler will ask
me out again.. I seriosuly don;t think I will ever be over
him. Well I have to go.. but besides the whole luke thing
everything is great. All of me and my friends are going
good... I can;t wait till tomorrow when I shove all of
luke's pictures from my locker in his face. Hahaha... well