Dreaming Of Everything
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2002-03-11 00:30:17 (UTC)

This Is Me...

This is a cool song. It has a good beat.

Oh boy. Was today a fun day or what? I went to Laura's
birthday party and I made a picture frame...actually I
painted it. The place was called "Paint Glaze and Fire" and
they have a lot of cool stuff there! It was a lot of fun.
It was about as much as Friday night. lol. that's another
story in itself.

Friday night, I went to Houlihans with Renee and Katherine,
and then we met up with Nikki to see "Crossroads" (which is
a shotty movie. The plot was so cliche...but I related to
the stuff in the movie..it was weird) After the movie was
over, no one wanted to go home..so we drove to Tippin's and
picked up Laura R from her shift..it was over at
10:30..Katherine and I danced to *N Sync in the parking lot
of the resturant..and then we stole some pie. Nikki and I
stole Kat's piece, and Kat was in another car...so she just
drove off to some party, and Nikki and I were like "screw
this" so we went to Taco Bell while it was hailing and
raining and then we came home..it was like 11:30 and my mom
was pissed off cause I changed my plans..I didn't come home
at 9:30 like I was supposed to. So then they imposed this
12:00 cerfew on me. But that was Friday night. lol.

Billy Bob was telling me about what he did on Friday night.
He went to Topeka with Brendan and tehy went to IHOP at
3:30 in the morning..and came home at 5 and slept for 4
hours. Yeah, I was like "uh huh..cooooool" and I really
didn't care. He and Jane Bob broke up 5 weeks ago and I
didn't know!!! I was like "WHAT?!" when he told me..it
caught me by surprise! lol. Ne who. I'm probably boring
you. I'mma leave you with the lyrics to the song...

Oh, boy I'm not the one who broke your heart before
And I don't want to make you hurt anymore
She had you pulling out your hair against the wall
But baby that's not me at all

You got to see, we're different as can be
She and I are not alike
So don't compare her to me
Doesn't matter what happened then
With me you have a friend for life
You should know that, that was her and baby this is me

You get so nervous everytime I touch your hand
I'm not the others who just took your heart and ran
But everytime you say those things you make me feel so bad
Why can't you just give me a chance?
yea yea yea. yea ..


Kain: Now understand....
When I met you
It was love at first sight
Deep thoughts and talks the first night
Telling all how my past hurt like
Comparing you to her, waiting for our first fight
Because she said the same things that you say
And how love was only a game that fools play
All night with her friends every Tuesday
That's why I bought you a cell and a two-way
I know it's wrong and it makes you nauseous
But..hah, I'm not suspicious...I'm cautious
And you know I wanna love and trust you
But it's really a lot to try to adjust to
And I'm glad that you're on my team
Defending your man when I fall and scheme
Baby you can have all my cream
It was a nightmare, now it's all a dream

Boy you've had your share
You've had your share
Of people taking you for granted
I know that you can't stand it no more
I will be there, when things don't go the way you planned it
I'll be here for you to let go


P.Diddy : Let's break it down right here
Let's dance
Come on.....Let's dance
Come on --yo

CHORUS repeat to fade