Nick's Journal
2002-03-11 00:20:00 (UTC)

Spring Break

Dear God. It was a great spring break. Aside from the
very sad fact that I couldn't be with my Girl :-(, it was
absolutly great. i sat aruond and did jack shit. my
short term memory went on vacation too. i would start
days off at 4 pm sipping tanqueray and drinkign a beer.
lying in a hammock and thinking about a skipping deer.
I'd lie there and have the sun hit my body, then I'd drink
some bacardi. I'd walk around the mall with emily and not
know why I was there. I got to see the security cameras
behind JC PENNY, thanks to John. That was fucking sweet,
and now i made a mental note to not steal from there,
well, atleast not AGAIN. :-). But that was fun. just
stumbling around the mall and then going "behind the
scenes" and seeing some fat chick fall out of a chair, and
another girl stick her hand down her ass crack and sniff
Of course putt-putt rocked. and diary queen. dear god i
ate so much. but my short term memory was just gone. i
brought my animals to the kennel, and when i came back my
front door was wide open and htere was music blaring. so i
instinctively thought someone had broken in. turns out i
had forgotten close THE FUCKING FRONT DOOR. i never have
ever done that. but i just thought of so many things.
and i can't remember them.
thank god.
now i can ramble and not try to lay out points.
i've found out what expresses your individualistic love
for someone. it's when you go to someone, "hey have you
ever noticed how so and so does this" and they're
like "what the fuck are you talking about" and then you
say "wellllll, i like it" and they say "well that's, um
fucking great......." it's when you pick up that which
others do not and are fond of it. i mean that's just one
of the things but hey.
I also noticed that the road gets a lot wider after you've
had 15, and that cops have nothing better to do than
follow stoners. serioulsy we should have been busted
thrice one night, but we weren't. thank god.
Futher more i realized that "american movie" sucks.
The asian guy working at blockbuster is a tool and
deserved the barrage of insults hurled at him by abbie and
Elimidate is the funniest god damn thing word that can be
said when you say it like a downsie.
"I'd love to see Britney Spears just get brutally raped by
Rob Zombie." (that's a quote you suckas it's not from
me). I suppose it will "liven" up the music industry.
Cos I mean come on. this sugar pop? blech!
my animals rock. only they can tolerate my drunken
comments on how i could do better on blind date.
lay down sally, and anything eric clapton is the perfect
culmination of an afternoon.
you know it's a great thing if you say "yeah, i have old
school bon jovi, i'm cool" sarcastically and your friend
says "does it have 'you give love a bad name' on it?" and
then you fly to stuffy's playing that as loud as possible.
it wsa a great spring break because nothign great
happened. it was meellow. i had a great time, i hung out
with old friends, and saw great and shitty movies.
i had a great time being an alcoholic, stoner, lazy son of
a bitch for one week. wellllllllll, exclusively all in
one. usually i'm atleast one of those any given week,
maybe even two.
that is all