2002-03-11 00:10:19 (UTC)

Mood Swings

Every minute I change my mind about everything. It is
This morning I hated my suitemates and wanted to just go
home. Tonight I loved Michelle and Meredith and wanted to
just celebrate our "sororityness."
I'm depresed right now. I'm not really sure why. It may be
just because I have my period and that sometimes puts me in
a bad mood - I don't know.
Remember Trey? Yeah, well more happened. So, despite
wanting to move on to other guys, a part of me still sort
of likes him- even though nothing has ever happened and
probably ever will. I have hung out with him a few times
when he was pretty damn drunk or high. But friday was
different. He came to the Hawk's Nest alone really drunk
and late - right after the bands finished playing. I didn't
see him sitting in the corner at first, but then I saw
Julia get up from sitting with him and walk over to me. She
told me to go keep him company. Naturally, I walked over
and sat with the interesting Trey. He told me that he fell
asleep and when he woke up his money and cigarettes were
gone, and that he needed new friends. Isn't that terrible?
His friends took his money. I sat and talked with him for a
little while. He kept trying to pull me closer to him. I
didn't realize it at first, because I thought he was just
joking around. But then he put his hand on my knee. Still I
figured it was because he was drunk and didn't realize
where his hand was. Then I told him he should go back to
his place and get so rest. He said he couldn't go alone,
and he put his hand on my thigh. I carelessly pulled it off
as if it was nothing at all. I tld him I was going to the
diner with everyone and he was welcome to come with us.
Then he said, "you're not going to the diner." And I
said, "yes, I really am." He finally understood and I said
goodnight and told him to be careful. He looked a little
upset, but I wasn't sure if it was just disappointed that
he wasn't going to be getting any ass. So I don't know what
is going to happen now. What will we say when we see each
other next? I hope it isn't too weird. I still do kinda
like him. But there was no way that I was going to just
randomly hook up with him. I'm just not like that.