Nick's Journal
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2002-03-11 00:00:19 (UTC)

A touchy subject.

All I read about during the black history month was the
reparations that were due to African Americans because of
slavery. One person had the audacity to go against the
status quo and say "what the fuck? i owe jack shit!". It
was in our school newspaper and the rest of the week was
contributed to letters bashing that person and the letter.
So let me put it this way. YOU don't owe anything to
anybody. You think that I owe you something because of
something that my ancestors did? Shit no. How are you
classifying it? Is it a historical event? Meaning
everyone owes money. Meaning that African Americans are
paying themselves reparations? Or are we targeting
whites? The Government or Everyone?
You know what, I LOVE that idea.
I think the Muslims in this country owe me a shitload of
money for 9/11. Oh you say I wasn't a part of it? African
Americans today weren't a part of slavery but according to
brilliant sociologists the effects of slavery are still
very much prevalent. Fine. The EFFECTS of 9/11 is what
the muslims will pay me for. The recession. The pain of
having to see every god damned advertisement in this
nation exploiting the tragedy. They're gonna pay me every
mother fucking cent I want for the psychological damage
that I had from that very harrowing dream. Now go say
it's not Muslims but Al-Qaeda, Osama Bin Laden, or the
Taliban. Ok then I'm going to say that the holocaust was
not perpetrated by Germans but by Nazis. Classify all
Germans as Nazis? I'll classify all Muslims as
More over I want the egyptians to pay the Jews some cash
for enslaving them so many years ago. Shit, I'm sure some
fuck of a biased sociologist could come up with a present
day trauma related to that. Bosnians are gonna start
paying ethnic albanians. and so on. All i want to say
from this is that we have a biased viewpoint. We don't
believe that the Japanese owe the Chinese anything. It's
been beaten into us that we owe something. well, i
suppose that's for you to decide.