Incoherent Thoughts...
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2002-03-10 23:17:29 (UTC)

#1 Ramblings

music: Beach Boys-Greatest Hits

Yay! Finally a FREE diary for Laura!...(i prefer to call
it a journal) I like the lack of advertising on this site.
So today was rather uneventful, i went to lunch with my
Grandfather and it was fun. I always love to see him. Then
came home and i have decided to start my march break the
right i am vegging out doing absolutly nothing.
It's great, i wish i could do it more often. And i even
have the end of the week to look forward too! Gonna try
and make it out to Waterloo for the skating party (well,
thats my excuse acutally i just want to see people)So,
hopefully that'll all work out.

My mother dearest is off for the week, as am i so it should
make for some interesting experiences. Haha, good 'ol
mommy. Spent a lot of yesterday on the 'net and trying out
some new and weird stuff on my guitar...i determine how
well my practice sessions go by the number of times i get
told to stop. The more the better. Ahaha. Practice makes
perfect. Got into some really interesting and thought
provoking discussions with Sean Toohey last night...i think
i know too many sean's...its scary. Anyways, as always
sean proved to be a never ending source of wisdom and wise
words. Not to imply that he is old of course, just more
experienced in the ways of the world i suppose...

The novelty has yet to wear off, this is so great. So are
the beach boys. Some of the oldest music is the greatest.
Don't get me wrong, i am a big fan of Radiohead and Weezer
but a wide range of musical tastes is a good thing. Well,
thats enough for today, So until nest time, i bid you